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Roaming Freely

After a shenanigan-filled night of jumping into pools where the depth was unknown, I am left with a contusion on my heel bone making walking a difficult feat to be accomplished. As I re-prioritize my life in terms of the necessities that lie on the third floor of my house while I reside on the first, I fantasize about the places my non-invalid feet can take me. Strolling through rolling pastures, experiencing waves of heat in a desert landscape, or crossing bridges into the unknown taunt my restless body as I hobble around on repurposed crutches that look like Red’s head from Fraggle Rock. These images will be my motivation to remain stationary and wear sensible shoes in order to continue my own wanderings in a timely fashion.

Recently Randomly

Pictures from an iphone.

Kaleidoscopic Effects

Tom Fruin, “Watertower,” 2012.

This is my kind of public art project. Inspired by the location’s history and iconography, has a dash of whimsy, yet still a visually  striking piece. The “watertower” reflects the sunlight during the day and glows at night. Sitting on a building in DUMBO it only enhances that majestic view of the Manhattan skyline that only Brooklyn can provide.

Fruin also made that bitchen sign hanging at the much hyped about Wythe Hotel.