After a tumultuous few years going back and forth, I finally decided it was time to start a blog. This might seem like quite a drastic response to a simple problem, but I did not want to join the herd of the blogosphere unless I had something unique to contribute. I do not have anything more unique to add now than I did three years ago, but today the idea of a blog suddenly felt right.

This blog is an exploration of my totally disjointed brain so as to catalogue the craziness, and hopefully bring some semblance to it all. Anything that catches my fancy is fair game for posting. The Still House will act as a simple record of my reveries that hopefully, others might enjoy as well. I might even throw up a few pictures of my own if it suites me. I cannot tell you what direction my blog will take and am intrigued by this idea. Keep reading and you might find some hidden gems of awesomeness. Ah, who knows?

What are you thinking?

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